Did he pinch a British Airways employee's bum? Noel is very doubtful...

NOEL GALLAGHER has said that the allegations by a female BRITISH AIRWAYS employee that his brother LIAM groped her have been “blown out of all proportion”.

Speaking to the Daily Express newspaper, he said: “I don’t know what all the fuss is about. I think someone is just trying to make a name for themselves out of Liam.

“Everything, as always, has been blown out of all proportion. I don’t think he’s going to talk to anyone about it, probably because it simply didn’t happen the way people are saying it did.”

He added that he doubted whether the alleged incident had happened at all.

According to the newspaper, police are investigating the the woman’s claims that he asked what kind of men she liked, whether she liked them “big and strong with big muscles” and grabbed her bum. It reported that he could face charges of “serious indecent assault” and that CCTV footage of the check-in area where the incident is alleged to have taken place last week as the band flew from Gatwick to Brazil for their Rock In Rio appearance and a ten-day south American tour, would be examined.