Noel Gallagher and girlfriend Sara MacDonald refute allegations of infidelity...

NOEL GALLAGHER and his girlfriend SARA MacDONALD have both issued statements this evening (January 18) regarding the story in this morning’s SUN newspaper alleging that they had cheated on former MEG MATHEWS before the couple split.

The statement from Noel reads: “The story in The Sun is completely untrue. Throughout our time together I

never cheated on Meg. I have agreed to go along with Meg’s request for a quick divorce for the sake of our family and in order to get the whole thing over with. I left Meg because I could no longer tolerate her behaviour. I want to make it clear that the reasons given in the divorce petition related to the situation after our separation and had nothing to do with the breakdown of our marriage and Meg knows this.”

Meanwhile, Sara’s statement reads: “The allegation in today’s Sun newspaper is completely without foundation

and wholly untrue. I feel that Ms. Mathews would benefit from a more honest and introspective evaluation of the real causes of the breakdown of her marriage.”