But the first leg of the new album is Speak Your Brains on a Noel duet...

Oasis have finished the first phase of their new album – and already a number of rumours are flying around.

The band returned from France at the end of last month, where they were recording in a chateau near Nice, and are now taking a short break before embarking on the next leg of recording.

One persistent rumour is that guitarist Bonehead has left. The rumours were sparked when Bonehead returned from France days before Alan White, Guigsy, Liam and Noel.


However, Oasis spokesman Johnny Hopkins denied Bonehead had left and said that he had simply returned to Britain early in order to move house. He had already laid down all his guitar tracks.

Speak Your Brains

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Best answers printed in next week’s NME Another rumour had Noel spotted in Paris recently at a studio recording a duet with a “very famous star”. But again, Creation denied that Noel was even in Paris.

The spokesman said: “There’s no truth in it. Noel‘s on holiday at the moment, so he’s not working.”


He added that the band still had “quite a lot of work” to do on the album, which would start soon at a secret studio somewhere in the UK. The first new material is expected to be released early next year.

However, two rumours that now appear to be true are that the Gallagher brothers are about to become first-time fathers, with Liam‘s baby due in October and Noel‘s in February.