The Oasis frontman is probably not feeling supersonic after allegations of sexual harassment from BA ground staff...

LIAM GALLAGHER faces a ban from BRITISH AIRWAYS if it is found that, as alleged, he groped and made offensive remarks to a female member of staff before boarding a flight to RIO last week.

Reports in the UK press today (January 17) claim that the Oasis frontman confronted the member of staff at Heathrow Airport on Friday (January 12), before the 25-strong Oasis party boarded a flight for Rio.

The woman alleges that Liam asked her what kind of men she liked and whether she liked them strong with big muscles. He is said to have then squeezed her backside. According to The Sun, the woman “cries whenever she thinks about it and had to take time off work because of the stress. She thinks Gallagher should be banned from BA to show he has no right to touch staff.”

A spokesperson for BA said they were looking into the allegation. A spokesperson for Oasis could not be reached.

Liam and brother Noel were banned for life from Cathay Pacific airlines three years ago, following a flight from Hong Kong to London. The drunken pair refused to stop smoking, threw food at other passengers and were said to have threatened the pilot when he attempted to intervene.

Gallagher’s latest incident is not the first example of rock stars’ bad behaviour. Ian Brown served three months in Strangeways Prison in Manchester in 1998, after being found guilty of a so-called “air-rage” attack. The former Stone Roses frontman made verbal threats to a stewardess and pilot on a BA flight from Paris to Manchester earlier that year.