Organiser Michael Eavis reveals his masterplan for next year...

Glastonbury[/a] organiser Michael Eavis has pledged to keep on running the festival himself and is already hinting at who is on the bill for next year. After being asked who his favourite bands were, he said: “The two greatest bands in the world are not playing here this year – Oasis and Radiohead.”

When asked if that meant they were lined up for Glastonbury 2000, he replied: “Well that speaks for itself, doesn’t it?”

Eavis had apparently considered franchising out the festival next year so he and his late wife Jean could retire, but has now revealed he will go on running it, saying: “I don’t have anyone to retire with now.”


A one minute’s silence was held at the festival site on Sunday morning in memory of Jean Eavis, who died last month. A wicker sculpture was also burned on Saturday night at the Green Field site in her honour.

Eavis said: “I would like this particular year to be dedicated to her memory as a tribute to Jean and her amazing life. She will never be forgotten. She put the finishing touches to everything this year, so there’s a Jean feeling about everywhere at the moment.”