Oasis frontman called in the police HIMSELF in scuffle with photographer...

Oasis are hitting back at claims that singer LIAM GALLAGHER was arrested last Friday for attacking a photographer – and say he actually called in the police to protect HIMSELF.

According to reports elsewhere, Liam was arrested for attacking photographer Nat Bocking outside the singer’s Primrose Hill home in London on Friday.

Scottish newspaper The Daily Record claimed Liam accused Bocking of taking pictures of his wife Patsy in the shower.

The paper then say Liam then hurled abuse at the snapper and tried to hit him, before kicking his car and denting it.

Bocking continued: “I was taking harmless photos of Liam in the street when he stormed over and said ‘Get out of the car and we’ll sort this out now’.”

“…I was terrified. Liam has got a reputation for violence and I didn’t know how far he would go…He then tried to thump me but he only managed to grab my face.”

But a spokesperson for Oasis claims that for once, former wildman singer Liam was in the right.

He told “Liam was tring to leave his house to go somewhere, and there was a photographer guy there, but this guy just wouldn’t get out of his way.”

Liam was saying to him ‘Leave me alone, I’ve got things to do’ and rather than what’s been done in the past, he went back inside and called the police to tell them there was a guy causing an obstruction.”

The spokesperson continued that when the police arrived, Bocking then accused Liam of causing criminal damage to his car and assaulting him. However, it was all sorted out in five minutes flat.

The spokesperson joked: “The actual story is actually Liam Gallagher calls police and obeys the law!”

It appears to be the latest flourish of the new side of the former hellraising lead singer who vowed to clean up his act three months ago when he became a father to baby Lennon.

London’s Metropolitan Police confirmed the Oasis spokesperson’s story, and said that Liam had called the police himself, and though he was arrested as a formality over Bocking’s accusations, he was de-arrested minutes later after a brief chat.

Enquiries into Liam’s allegations that Bocking was disturbing the peace and causing an obstruction were currently being conducted at Hampstead Police Station, a Metropolitan Police press officer told

As previously reported, Oasis release new single ‘Go Let It Out on February 7, followed by new album ‘Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants’ on February 28, both through the band’s new label Big Brother.