Got a question for Oasis? Post your posers here! Plus news on latest addition to module...

Oasis are to submit to one of our NME FAN-ISH INQUISITIONS where WE ask the questions YOU want answered.

Want to know what really happened when Bonehead and Guigsy quit? Or how Andy and Gem are coping after copping a job in one of the biggest bands on the planet?

Need to know what goes through the mind of mild mannered drummer Alan?

Or do you worry what ambitions Noel still harbours, what with his four houses and nine cars? Or are you curious as to whether Liam changes nappies for baby Lennon? Or what his solo album would be like? ( Liam’s, not Lennon’s that is).

To submit your questions for the Oasis Fan-Ish Inquisition – click here.

But be quick! We need all questions in by this Friday.

Meanwhile Oasis have added another full-length audio sample to their website prior to the release of the new single ‘Go Let It Out’. Entitled ‘As Long As They’ve Got Cigarettes In Hell’, it is the second b-side off the single following last week’s ‘Let’s All Make Believe’.

In the second video interview installment there is a video clip of Noel, Liam and producer Mark ‘Spike’ Stent talking about the new album, ‘Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants’ due out in the UK on 28 February


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