'Pure Shores gets the once-over from the man behind new Oasis album'Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants...

Oasis producer MARK ‘SPIKE’ STENT has remixed an instrumental version of forthcoming All Saints single ‘Pure Shores.

Spike is best known as a producer and was the man behind the desk for the forthcoming Oasis album Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants, out through the Gallagher brothers’ new label Big Brother on February 28.

‘Pure Shores’, out on February 7 through London Records, is the the first single to be released from the soundtrack of Danny Boyle’s movie ‘The Beach’ which stars Leonardo DiCaprio, and is released on February 11.

Other remixes on the All Saints single include two by longtime All Saints collaborator Karl ‘K-Gee’.

The next single from the The Beach soundtrack meanwhile is the Orbital single ‘Beached’ featuring the voice of Leo DiCaprio and due out February 28.