People t-t-t-try to p-p-p-put 'em down - but they're doing a cover of 'My Generation'...

Oasis narrowly avoided having to record a cover of arch-rival BLUR’S ‘COUNTRY HOUSE’ last night – and managed to pick THE WHO’S ‘MY GENERATION’ instead.

In a challenge laid down by Radio One’s Steve Lamacq’s Evening Session, the band had pledged to record one of five songs most voted for by listeners.

Last night, with Noel and new guitarist Gem in the studio, it was revealed that the most voted for songs were ‘Country House’ by Blur, ‘Come As You Are’ by Nirvana, ‘Sympathy For The Devil’ by The Rolling Stones, ‘Angels’ by Robbie Williams and The Who’s ‘My Generation’ – which Noel eventually pulled from a hat.

He said that Oasis lead singer Liam would be pleased with his choice – and quipped that they had been rehearsing ‘Country House’ all day.

The band will record the song at the BBC’s Maida Vale studios later this week for broadcast on Lamacq’s show at a later date.

Before fans went to the polls, Noel had stressed that he would not consider covering anything by The Beatles – but it’s believed having to do the Blur song would have been far more of a problem for him.

It’s well-known that Oasis were left fuming after the track beat their ‘Roll With It’ single to the number one spot in the summer of 1995 when the two bands went head-to-head in the Battle Of Britpop.

Also on last night’s show, Noel and Gem played an acoustic version of ‘Who Feels Love?’, the next Oasis single after ‘Go Let It Out’, out February 7.

They also played ‘Sunday Morning Call’, tipped to be the band’s third single from their forthcoming album ‘Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants’, out through the band’s new label Big Brother on February 28.

Noel also revealed that he was close to quitting the band for good at about the time of their last album ‘Be Here Now’.

He said that he felt the band were together for the sake of it and that touring and recording was like “a spinning top going round and round and round” and that he’d thought of leaving “on a number of occasions”.

He continued: “I needed just to get away from it all. I was really stuck, you can hear that on the likes of ‘All Around The World’. It was just like a band in the studio going round the same old chords and it was just getting a bit naff for me”.

However, things had freshened up since they recruited new guitarist Gem Archer and bassist Andy Bell.

Noel said that as a result, the band were more of a “musical gang.”

To hear Noel on the Evening Session, click here – [url=]bbc.co.uk/radio1