And, despite walking out on the band's European tour last year, the guitarist says he'll be there every step of the way...

NOEL GALLAGHER has revealed that OASIS are scheduled to start their co-headlining tour with THE BLACK CROWES on May 25.

And, speaking at the Rock In Rio festival at the weekend (January 13), he added that he would definitely be in the touring line-up for the duration of the jaunt.

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, he said: “I’m being told from May 25 to June 25 that I’m on tour with The Black Crowes. I don’t know if the venues have been confirmed or where we are playing or to how many people. But if we don’t go on tour with them, I’m definitely going to hang out with Rich and Chris [Robinson] at their houses anyway. If somebody tells me I will be going on tour with The Black Crowes, I will be going.”

Gallagher candidly admitted that the band were purely in Rio – where they arrived on Saturday (January 13) for their gig last night (Sunday, January 14) on the same bill as Guns N’Roses and Papa Roach – for the sunshine.

He added: “I could put my professional hat on and I could say that it’s really important to come and play for these people for the social aspect of Rock In Rio. Or I could be honest and say it’s fucking really cold in England and it’s really warm here.”

Oasis now embark on a ten-day tour of South America, taking in festivals in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Caracas, but Gallagher said that fans hoping to hear new songs would be disappointed. He did, however, say that work is set to begin imminently on the next album: “We’ve done our world tour and it finished in August and we were gonna take a massive break and start recording about now, really. And, unlike every other pop star that you are going to interview this weekend, I’ll be honest with you, we’re here for the money.”

And, reiterating comments already made by himself andbrother Liam, he said the 19 songs they have written – seven by himself, nine by Liam, one by Gem Archer and two from Andy Bell – would take them back in a rockier direction: “We would like to make a pure rock ‘n’ roll record. To record it live, no overdubs, and just get the best performances and put it out like that. Now whether that happens, I don’t know. I think we’ve gotten a bit slow down the years with slow songs and ballads but until we actually get in the studio and turn the tape machine on, we don’t know what’s gonna happen.”