A 17-track live spectacular from the notorious Mancunians to hit the shops just in time for Christmas...

A film of one of Oasis‘ gigs at WEMBLEY STADIUM during the summer is to be released on video and DVD on November 13.

The whole of the first show on Friday, July 21 – when they played to a sold-out 70,000-strong audience – was recorded, and 17 songs from the gig are included on the film.

The tracklisting is: Fuckin’ In The Bushes Go Let It Out Who Feels Love? Supersonic Shakermaker Acquiesce Step Out Gas Panic! Roll With It Stand By Me Wonderwall Cigarettes And Alcohol Don’t Look Back In Anger Live Forever Hey Hey, My My Champagne Supernova Rock’n’Roll Star


There are additional features on both the video and DVD. The video includes a 20-minute documentary featuring exclusive interviews with Liam and Noel Gallagher. The DVD will have a 45-minute documentary shot by Grant Gee, as previously revealed on Gee made Radiohead‘s gruelling ‘Meeting People Is Easy’ tour film. The Oasis documentary has backstage interviews and footage shot by fans, as requested on Oasis’ website before the Wembley gigs.

It also includes a complete discography, including both UK and international releases, with audio clips and artwork plus a CDRom element, which links to an exclusive page on with as-yet-unseen photographs and a Songplayer module where fans can teach themselves to play ‘Live Forever’.

There is also more documentary footage hidden behind a tambourine icon on the CDRom.Oasis played to 1.2 million people in 23 countries during their world tour this year, playing to 450,000 fans in the UK alone. A live album is also in the pipeline.

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