Oasis frontman considering releasing stuff on his own...

Oasis songwriter Noel Gallagher is hinting that he may release a solo album.

Speaking this morning on Channel Four’s BIG BREAKFAST, he said he was sitting on a lot of material that was not suitable for frontman LIAM to sing. However, he stressed he wanted to release at least two more Oasis albums before he’d consider it.

Noel has already made plenty of musical forays outside Oasis, collaborating with the likes of GOLDIE, THE CHEMICAL BROTHERS and more recently TAILGUNNER, who Noel drummed for, and whose debut album is due out in March on Creation. The group also features session guitarist PAUL ‘STRANGEBOY’ STACEY, who’s played with the band live, and MARK COYLE, who engineered Oasis debut ‘DEFINITELY MAYBE’.

Chatting in a shed to presenter JOHNNY VAUGHAN, Noel also revealed he was getting on better now with his brother Liam than he had done for years – especially since the birth last year of Liam’s son LENNON.

He said: “He (Liam’s) a cool geezer, man. We have good days and bad days, but lately we’ve had more good days…He’s slowly but surely getting to be the geezer he was before he joined the band.”

Noel also pledged to be at the side of his wife MEG when she gives birth to their first child due at the end of this month, despite Oasis’s furiously busy schedule to promote their forthcoming album ‘STANDING ON THE SHOULDER OF GIANTS’.

Elsewhere in the Big Breakfastinterview, Noel admitted recent press stories about his battle against cocaine-induced panic attacks – and admitted that Liam once flicked cigarette ash onto the head of ROLLING STONES lead singer MICK JAGGER for a joke at an awards ceremony.

Meanwhile, Oasis’s former label CREATION have confirmed that the band’s next releases will be on their own BIG BROTHER label, as NME exclusively revealed.

‘GO LET IT OUT’, the single, is out on February 7, and the album ‘Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants’ is out on February 28.