A tanned and healthy looking Noel Gallagher is among guests enjoying the backstage hospitality at V98 Chelmsford.

“I’m just down to see The Verve and The Seahorses,” Gallagher told NME.com. Despite mixed reports from the band’s US shows, The Oasis guitarist said he didn’t think Ashcroft and co would be needing any assistance from him tonight. “I’ll be on the stage but I won’t be doing anything, I won’t be in any fit state to by the time The Verve come on!” he said.

Noel’s favourite act of the day so far has been Iggy Pop – “He’s a scary geezer” – but he’s also looking forward to James Brown who headlines the dance tent tonight.

“I’ve heard James Brown has got a juggling act in the middle of his set,” the Oasis guitarist told NME.com. “I only want to see him pull fucking flowers out of his arse. I don’t wanna hear his music.”

Noel said he’s spent the last two months writing and demoing songs at home for the next Oasis album. The band are due to go into the studio at the start of next year. See next week’s NME[/I] for more Noel commentary on the next Oasis album.