Plus UK newspaper predicts a flop for new Oasis single...

You can now hear Oasis‘s new track ‘Fucking In The Bushes’ in full. This is the opening track of the forthcoming album, ‘Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants’.

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The track is a Zeppelin-esque rock instrumental which features a hammond which achieves the same quintessential arse-shaking grooviness of The Spencer Davis Group.


Meanwhile, The Observer newspaper has reported that the record chains Our Price and HMV have placed half the expected order for the new Oasis single, ‘Let It Out’.

It’s reported that ‘industry insiders’ say that 250,000 singles have been delivered to the UK.

The newspaper predicts that the single will hit top five before sinking dramatically.

The new song follows the premiere of the full audio and video for the new single ‘Go Let It Out’ on 4 January – the single will be released on 7 February in the UK.

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