You get to vote which song the Gallagher gang record for special radio broadcast PLUS band in trouble with MTV...

Oasis are inviting fans to pick the song they’d most like them cover – and nme.com is launching a campaign to get everyone to vote for BLUR’S ‘COUNTRY HOUSE’!

Songwriter NOEL GALLAGHER and guitarist GEM are appearing on RADIO ONE STEVE LAMACQ’s EVENING SESSION on January 17 to perform an acoustic set of three songs from their new album STANDING ON THE SHOULDER OF GIANTS.

People are being asked to vote now, and on the January 17 show, the band will also learn the song chosen by the fans. They then have three days to learn the song before they record it on January 20 at the BBC’s Maida Vale studios for broadcast on Lamacq’s show at a later date.

The only songs Noel is refusing to cover are BEATLES songs.

He said: “It will be a pleasure to take the band into the studio for the very first time to perform some old ones, some new ones and one cover version of your choice. PS Please don’t pick any Beatles songs as George (Harrison) probably won’t be able to take the excitement!”

Oasis are known to loathe the Blur track after it beat their single ‘ROLL WITH IT’ when the two were released the same week in the summer of 1995.

You can vote for ‘Country House’ or any other song you’d like covered by Oasis here – [url=]bbc.co.uk/radio1. Or post your entry quickly to: The Evening Session, BBC Radio 1, London W1N 4DJ.

Meanwhile, MTV are feeling flattered that Oasis have chosen to cover their graphic style in the video for their current single ‘GO LET IT OUT’, due out February 7.

Ten seconds into the video, a caption pops up which looks like the device used by MTV saying the words “THE BEST VIDEOS ALWAYS MAKE ROOM FOR BIG CAPTIONS” in MTV-style white block captions.

MTV have reciprocated by introducing the Oasis video on the channel with a tiny white block caption stating artist & video name, as opposed to the usual large one.

MTV bosses are currently taking legal advice about breach of copyright. However, a spokesperson for MTV said it was unlikely the organisation would sue the band, especially as their label BIG BROTHER was backed by entertainment giant SONY.