Meg Mathews threatens to dish the dirt on the couple's marriage if her financial demands aren't met...

NOEL GALLAGHER’s estranged wife MEG MATHEWS has reportedly demanded a divorce settlement package of around £10 million, and is said to be threatening to dish the dirt on their marriage if the figure isn’t met.

According to a report in the UK Mirror newspaper this morning (January 9), Mathews is demanding £7 million in cash, along with two homes, one in Ibiza and one in London, worth £1.5 million each. The paper alleges Mathews is prepared to go to court in order to win the battle. It also claims Gallagher made an offer of £3 million before Christmas that was rejected outright by Mathews and labelled “derisory”.

Noel and Meg split in September 2000 after three years of marriage. Under a pre-nuptial agreement they signed, Meg was to receive £100,000 in the event of any split, a figure upped to £500,000 in September.


The couple have a one-year-old daughter, Anais, who the pair are keen to shield from the pain of a messy divorce.

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