The announcement comes as Liam launches another verbal attack on brother Noel...

Oasis have just announced a free open-air gig in PARIS in an effort to make it up to disappointed French fans who had tickets for their cancelled shows.

They will appear at the Fete de la Musique in Place de la Republique, Paris, on June 21.

A band spokesperson said: “Hopefully many of the fans who didn’t get to see Oasis in Paris last month can catch them this time at the massive 40,000 capacity, free, open-air event.”


The concert will also feature performances from Shola Ama and David Hallyday.

The annual summer solstice festival is part of an international series of events, which include festivals in the US and cities across mainland Europe. This is the only one that Oasis are scheduled to appear at.

The announcement comes as Liam Gallagher launched another attack on his brother Noel for his decision not to tour abroad with the band. He said he had had no contact with Noel – who is on holiday in Ibiza with wife Meg and baby Anais – since he walked out on the group’s European dates on May 23, leading to the cancellation of four gigs in France.

According to reports from News Magazine in Austria, Liam said: “It pisses me off that he has even thought about solo albums. What’s he on about? He’s in a band. Why would you want to make a solo album. It’s bullshit and for losers. A solo album and a band album is too much pressure for him. Chill out man. Make a great album with us and stop thinking about solo albums.”

Speaking about Noel‘s decision to quit the tour, he continued: “I knew he might have gone home because of his daughter, but he should really have stayed and thought about it. He has got responsibilities to people so he should not have walked. I haven’t had any contact with Noel – I’m letting him chill out ‘cos it has always been Noel. It has never been really us. He can’t say we’re never gonna argue again because there will be a disagreement down the line. Instead of running off we have to talk about it. He can’t blame me that we argue, it always takes two.” Noel is due to rejoin the band for their dates in the British Isles: Dublin Landsdowne Road on July 8, and then play Bolton Reebok Stadium (July 15 & 16) and Wembley Stadium (21 & 22). The band also make three festival appearances at the Reading (August 25), Glasgow Green (26) and Leeds (28) festivals this summer.

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