Oasis Module lands on nme.com

Visit nme.com on Boxing Day for first official new Oasis release

Oasis have formed an exclusive partnership with nme.com to provide fans with the best Oasis access ever.

The Oasis Module will be accessible from nme.com via a smart button which will enable nme.com users to enter Oasis world and participate in all things Oasis!

The Module goes live on Boxing Day (December 26) when the band officially release the first material from their forthcoming ‘Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants’ LP.

The next bulletin is expected on January 4 2000 when the band will preview their forthcoming video for the ‘Go Let It Out’ single. Further news, releases, webcasts and other related Oasis activity will appear on a regular basis throughout the year.

See nme.com for further news on the Oasis Module.