Oasis release a B-sides compilation in the autumn...

Oasis are to release a B-sides compilation album in the autumn with many of the tracks chosen from the votes of fans on the band’s official website.

Oasis have confirmed that the album, which is untitled as yet, will include ‘Stay Young’ (the B-side to ‘D’You Know What I Mean?’), ‘Acquiesce’ and ‘Talk Tonight’ (B-sides to ‘Some Might Say’), ‘Half The World Away’ (from ‘Whatever’) and ‘Fade Away’ (from ‘Cigarettes & Alcohol’) in its final release tracklisting.

All tracks were the most frequently suggested by Oasis fans in a competition to guess the tracklisting for the B-sides album. It has not yet been decided how many other tracks will be included on the compilation.


A Creation Records spokesperson says reports that the album was to be released on November 3 were “premature”. Various American music websites have said the album will be released in the United States on that date. Information on the band’s official website says the album would be released in “late autumn this year”.

The B-sides LP has been much talked about since Noel Gallagher mentioned the possibility of the project when he played a solo gig at a pub in Santa Monica, US, on January 28 this year. He joked to the crowd: “There’s gonna be a compilation album ‘cos we’ve just got a massive tax bill. We need the fucking money!”

At the time it was mooted that the LP would be a US-only release, but it appears that Creation changed its mind due to demand. Gallagher is currently working on new Oasis demos. The band are due to start work on a new album next year though it’s not known when it will be released.

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