Outspoken, intelligent and sometimes bizarre - what you said about Oasis...

Liam has revealed to a reader what happened when he went ‘missing’ for a weekend.

“I was lost in traffic man!” he said.

This was just one of the comments you sent us about Oasis trip to the US. You overwhelmingly decided that Oasis were blistering with Gem and Andy Bell fitting in seamlessly – and some saying it was even an improvement (“The new additions make the band sparkle with a new vibrance”).

We were overwhelmed by the number of entries – but the best are now all online.

The views were largely positive (“They are the last REAL rock stars”) with occasionally dissenters (“You Brits must be really desperate for rock stars if Oasis is the best you can do”) with forays into the plain weird (“Noel, cut your hair damn it! You’re supposed to be the responsible one.”) and occasionally the downright scary (“Oasis are what helped me walk away that night wthout killing someone.”). Er, yeah, know what you mean.

Breakdown of posts:

93 per cent of postings loved them6 per cent loathed them 1 per cent were peculiar/frightening/likely to cause heart failure

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