Bad karma to blame for rejecting remix job for 'Helter Skelter'...

The Chemical Brothers have refused to remix an Oasis cover of The Beatles‘Helter Skelter’ because they believe the song has “bad karma”.

Oasis have been playing the song live and according to a report in the Daily Star, recorded a version as a potential b-side.

The paper said that Oasis songwriter Noel Gallagher then asked the dance duo to mix it, but they declined.

The song, recorded by The Beatles for their 1968 ‘White Album’, inspired Charles Manson to encourage his ‘Family’ on their killing spree in Hollywood the following year.

The Star quoted Noel as saying: “We asked them to do a remix for our next single, but they refused because they said the song had bad karma. If they didn’t want to work with us they should just say so.”

Noel and the Chemicals have worked together on numerous occasions, with Noel singing on the pair’s number one hit ‘Setting Son’ and their more recent hit ‘Let Forever Be’.