A muscle problem in his hands means Alan White's sibling Steve will play a number of shows on the 'Tour Of Brotherly Love'...

A UK spokesperson for OASIS has confirmed that drummer ALAN WHITE’s brother STEVE will play a number of shows on the ‘TOUR OF BROTHERLY LOVE’.

Alan White was unable to perform on the first two shows of the band’s current jaunt with the Black Crowes due to an ongoing muscle problem in his hands.

Now, a spokesperson for Oasis has revealed that Alan’s brother Steve, who is a regular drummer with Paul Weller, has gone out to America with Oasis, and will perform when Alan is not able. The decisions are expected to be made on a daily basis.

According to the unofficial Oasis website, from the stage at the Santa Barbara Bowl (May 12), Noel Gallagher joked that White couldn’t perform because he had a sore thumb from “sticking it up his ass too much”.

The ‘Tour Of Brotherly Love’ continues across the US throughout May and June.