We want you to send us your reports from the US shows...

Oasis play their first live shows in over two years this weekend in Philadelphia, Detroit and Chicago, USA.

As previously reported, the appearances will be the first time Oasis have appeared in public with their new members, bassist Andy Bell and guitarist Gem.

The concerts will also be the first real opportunity for Oasis to prove the cynics wrong. After the release of ‘Be Here Now’, many believed Oasis had just become too rich and successful to remain in touch with either their fans or their musical beginnings.

They will therefore be hoping their trip to America is more successful than previous visits when both Liam and Noel have gone AWOL.

If you’ll be attending one of the concerts this weekend, we’d like to hear how it goes. What do the new songs – if they play any – sound like? How do Andy and Gem fit in? Click here to send us your feedback.