That's the overwhelming message coming from the group's dedicated bulletin board on

Oasis fans believe their idols have fallen for the final time and think the band should call it a day – that’s the message coming from the band’s dedicated bulletin board on

Of the hundreds who’ve posted comments so far, only a handful of fans felt that Noel‘s departure would mean he would focus on writing and the band would record new material more quickly.

But the overwhelming feeling is that they have cheated their fans and let them down for the final time.


Martin Philip summed up the emotion of many, writing: “It’s sad, but they are not going to last after the UK dates. Money and marriage has made Noel and Liam make soppy rubbish such as ‘Who Feels Love?’, but they did make some of the best music of the last decade and introduced loads of kids to alternative music.”

A furious Mauxxo wrote: “How can life be so fucking difficult for one of the richest and most talented men in Britain? How ungrateful and selfish of you, to screw the very people who put you in the privileged position you now enjoy.”

‘TheBigChopper’, meanwhile, said Oasis are “beginning to unravel just like the Stone Roses did in 95-96,” while another anonymous fan slams Noel for using the excuse that he is tired of the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle: “Why doesn’t he just stay in his hotel room, play the gig then travel to the next show alone, the soft bastard. Just ‘cos he doesn’t do the rock ‘n’ roll thing any more he thinks all the rest should act like fuckin’ monks, soft selfish bastard.”

Mick Marsh is one who believes the writing was on the wall and blamed Liam: “It was just a matter of time. Liam couldn’t keep off the fuckin’ sauce. It really sucks that this had to happen. The band had great potential in Gem and Andy. Now that Liam‘s in charge who knows what’s gonna happen.”

Liam The Walrus said Noel was showing no respect for their fans and added: “I’m sick of it, it’s the third time their gigs have been cancelled in France.”

Many fans who’d bought tickets for cancelled dates or gigs without Noel felt outraged, cheated and let-down. Many, like “Mad4Oasis”, who has tickets to see them in Milan, said he thought they should have cancelled the whole tour rather than carry on without him: “They are not OasisNoel is Oasis… they can’t think that fans will be happy to see them even if Noel won’t play. We all love Oasis but we are not stupid. They should have deleted all the dates without Noel.”


One bitterly disappointed French fan wrote: “This is the third show they have cancelled in Paris… what the hell is wrong with him (Noel)? I have always supported them when they messed up big time, but this is more than I can take. Why not bring in another singer while they’re at it, or even better start several Oasis-es that would tour the world continually like the Chippendales… And what’s that about playing in England? Is France is not worth his greatness, the fat bastard?”

Another anonymous fan wails: “If Oasis split up, or if Noel just leaves I worry not only about British music, but about all music in general. Please don’t go…you don’t know how much my heart aches when I open up a chart magazine and see Britney Spears at number one.”

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