Report says that Oasis singer hasn't been seen since Friday afternoon...

CREATION RECORDS have not yet reacted to a story appearing in today’s Daily Mirror that LIAM GALLLAGHER has gone missing on the eve of the band’s US radio dates.

It was reported that Liam has not been seen since Friday afternoon and that wife Patsy and brother Noel have been unable to track him down.

This evokes memories of the band’s ill fated 1996 tour when Liam walked off the plane taking the band to their important US shows claiming that he had to go and find a house for him and Patsy. After rejoining the tour, Noel walked out on the band later on.

Do you think he’s gone on the razz? That they’re just trying to flame up some publicity? Or is the whole thing just Matthew Wright‘s bollocks talking? Or is he the new Richey Manic? Tell us what you think. Post a message on our Oasis message board.