Band will head into studio ASAP he tells Canadian radio station...

Noel Gallagher played an acoustic set for Canadian radio station Edge 102 last night, though he only played one song – ‘Who Feels Love’ which he previewed on Philadelphia’s Y100 last Friday – he talked about the future of the band and mingled with fans who had come down to the station in downtown Toronto.

He dismissed reports that Alan McGee‘s departure from Creation has any major implications for the band.

“The reports in the press say we’re pissed off. The way you read it, he’s the man behind the band,” Gallagher said of McGee.

But he added: “I totally respect him. I hope he goes on to do bigger things, and I hope to work with him again.”

He also said that whatever happens with the new Oasis album ‘Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants’, it will not be out on Creation‘s parent company Sony.

Sony want us to go on Sony, but over my dead body will I be on a major label,” he said.

Noel also reiterated what he has been saying for a long time, that there will not be such a long gap between the forthcoming album and its follow up. His comments indicated that Andy Bell and Gem Archer will become full band members rather than hired hands to play the world tour which kicks off in Yokjohama, Japan on February 29.

“I really want to get back into the studio with this band,” he said. “With Andy and Gem, we can take it to a new level, and that would be good for them, so they can feel part of the band.”