Noel Gallagher declares this is not the end from the stage at Leeds...

NOEL GALLAGER has declared that the future of Oasis is safe from the stage at the band’s headline performance on the final day of the CARLING WEEKEND LEEDS FESTIVAL.

The band, with previously absent guitarist Noel Gallagher, have just completed the last gig in their often fraught European tour this year. The entire band walked on to the stage together and stood in a line, with their hands in the air, directed at the crowd. Noel then went to the microphone and pronounced: “This isn’t the fucking funeral!”.

The band then played their first song, ‘Go Let It Out’, which Liam dedicated to London gangster Reggie Kray, who was diagnosed with cancer last week and is thought to only have days to live.


Later in the show, before playing ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’, Noel joked: “Everyone keeps asking what’s going to happen after this gig. Me, Andy, Gem, Alan and Liam are going to split…the huge amount of money Vince Power (festival organiser) gave us and get pissed.”

He also stopped the band during ‘Rock ‘n Roll Star’ and said: “This is the last song of the tour. Thanks to everyone whose worked with us. We’ll meet again – we don’t know where, we don’t know when. But we’ll meet again.” Liam also demanded that the lights be turned on the audience.