The star reveals his thoughts on the band's astonishing Wembley Stadium gig, and on Liam's current choice of girlfriend...

Noel Gallagher has added fuel to the ongoing feud with brother LIAM, saying the now legendary WEMBLEY STADIUM show of July 22 was “shit” and that he would have “knocked the c**t out” had LIAM behaved like that two years ago.

Speaking exclusively to at the V2000 festival in Chelmsford yesterday (August 20), the Oasis mainman also put paid to the story that he hates touring, emphasising that it was just one person he didn’t like being with on the road.

“I like touring,” he said. “I just don’t like one of the people I’m touring with.”

With a wry dig at Liam’s current girlfriend, Nicole Appleton of All Saints he added, “the geezer who’s going out with one of Steps“.

However, Noel quickly retracted his dig at the girl band saying “No, no, I like Nicky. She’s cool, man. And I like All Saints.”

However he was completely unforgiving of Liam’s onstage performance from the second night at Wembley.

He fumed: “I thought it was shit. I thought it was fucking awful. The singer was pissed and didn’t sing in tune, it was terrible. Had I paid #25 for a ticket I would have been really pissed off.”

When asked by why he didn’t rise up and start an onstage fight, Noel answered, “Cause I’m in the zen, man. I don’t do drugs no more and I don’t drink that much. Two years ago I would have knocked the c**t out.”

He also said the future of Oasis would be decided once the band had taken time off after this coming weekend’s festival performances at Reading, Glasgow and Leeds.

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