Album number four recorded at the ultimate designer studio...

Oasis have begun recording their fourth studio album in a remote French chateau belonging to fashion designer Christian Dior to escape media attention.

The band began rehearsing material for their next release at Music Bank Studios in south London in February before shipping equipment to their new base, including an original 1960s valve desk that Noel reportedly bought for #15,000 despite his comment last December that: “Hopefully, the new producer will make it (the new album) sound like it’s been recorded in 1999 and not 1969.”

It is believed the band are recording tracks live and all mixing will be done at a later date, backing up reports that the band are keen to “get back to basics” following the accusation of many critics that the last album was “overproduced”.


Oasis‘ spokesman told NME that the band were certainly taking a “more direct approach”.

“Basically, it’s all going pretty well and everyone’s in a good mood. They’re just back doing what they really enjoy.” The band will stay in France for “as long as it takes” to get the album how they want it, he added.

The band are working with Mark ‘Spike’ Stent, who most recently worked with Mansun on their album, ‘Six’. Noel, who’s co-producing the album, told NME previously that they were working on 22 songs.

Liam described the new material as “awesome”.

The band’s label, Creation, is expecting to release the album early in the new year, but a single may come out before then, the spokesman said.