Arrests, arson and the latest updates on Carling Weekend Festival...

WEST YORKSHIRE POLICE have reported that the CARLING WEEKEND FESTIVAL at TEMPLE NEWSAM at LEEDS was almost crime-free.

In a remarkable weekend, which saw an estimated 50,000 music fans descend on the site, police say that there were no arrests. A Police spokesperson said: “The weekend passed without incident. However, in the early hours of this morning (Tuesday, August 29), a group of around 500 youths were responsible for setting a number of fires, mainly in mobile toilet blocks around the perimiter of the site.”

While the police spokesperson could not confirm whether there had been any arrests, a festival-goer who claimed to have witnessed the incident contacted to report that riot police and helicopters had been involved.

Thames Valley Police meanwhile dealt with 480 reported crimes, 240 of which were thefts from tents on the campsite, with seven wristbands for site access being stolen. Drugs investigation officers searched 336 people for drugs, and found 205 with a small amount of cannabis, 108 with nothing at all and the remainder alleged to be in possession of drugs with intent to supply.

A total of 116 people were arrested during the weekend for crimes from supplying or possessing drugs, to theft.

Overall, the Carling Weekend Festival, was deemed a huge success, with many claiming that they were the best in the festival’s history. Some of the world’s biggest bands – including Oasis, Limp Bizkit, Stereophonics, Slipknot and Pulp – performed to sold-out crowds.

Festival and Mean Fiddler boss Vince Power told “It’s been good. The line-up is good this year. When you’re working you don’t actually see it until you stand back. There’s a great atmosphere this year.”

The final night of the festival, at Leeds on Monday night (August 28), saw Oasis winding up their European tour in triumphant and well-behaved style, laying to rest rumours that the band were to split with Noel Gallagher saying: “This isn’t a fucking funeral.”

Speaking to on the first day of the weekend at Reading on Friday, Noel had also put paid to speculation that an announcement about the future of the band would be made today (August 29). He said: “There isn’t going to be an announcement on Tuesday. Everyone’s been going on about the band are going to break up, but we’re not going to tell anybody now until we’ve done these gigs.

“We don’t know what we’re doing, but as soon as we do know what we’re doing, you’ll be the first to know. You know that anyway. Until then, you can speculate as much as you like.”

As reported on, it was an eventful weekend, with Elastica having to cancel their set after singer Justine Frischmann lost her voice. She got into hot water dissing her old mate, Blur guitarist Graham Coxon, only to retract it all and apologise by the end of the weekend, while Daphne And Celeste had their work cut out, dodging missiles when they played at Leeds on Saturday and being forced to cut short their set at Reading and cancel their Signing Tent session. Tom Jones joined Stereophonics on stage for a rendition of ‘Mama Told Me Not To Come’ at Reading on Sunday night.