Plus the spat between Oasis and Hurricane #1 that must be all behind them now...

HURRICANE #1 singer Alex Lowe confirmed that his band had now decided to call it a day with the announcement that guitarist Andy Bell would be joining Oasis.

He told NME: “I’d like to wish Andy Bell the best of luck with his future in Oasis. It was a pleasure working with him and Hurricane #1. Rock on!”

But Hurricane #1 and Oasis have not always been so complimentary about each other. In an NME interview in July 1997, Noel Gallagher commented on Hurricane #1′s single, ‘Just Another Illusion’: “I see Hurricane #1 went in at Number 35. That’s 35 places too high in my book.”

In the same interview Liam Gallagher added: “Hurricane #1? He (Lowe) copies my haircut and then slags me off! What’s that about? Who’ll I batter? Hurricane #1? Never heard of them. Isn’t that some indie band with the guy from Erasure in them?”

Later the same month, the name-calling escalated into a fight when Lowe, a former boxer, and Liam bumped into each other at a gig of Bell‘s wife, Idha, at London’s Ronnie Scott‘s. The pair called each other “c–s” and punches were thrown.

Meanwhile, Gay Dad‘s Cliff Jones told NME he had no idea of Andy Bell‘s plans but added: “Andy is a superb guitarist and I’m sure a great bassist too. Oasis‘ gain is Gay Dad‘s loss.”

Bell had originally announced that he would be replacing Gay Dad guitarist Charley Stone before announcing two weeks later that he was in Oasis.

A number of other people had been mooted to join Oasis on bass, notably Monaco‘s David Potts, who rehearsed with the band.

Potts told NME the day he heard he hadn’t got the job: “I had a full week of rehearsals with them, starting October 31. The lads were dead good, sound really. I kind of had the impression that I’d got it, because the weird thing was that Noel phoned me asking me to rehearse, not the other way round.”

As for the new album, Potts said: “The new album is very good, it’s very different and much better produced than the last one. It doesn’t sound as pub rock as before and The Beatles influence is still there, just a better era of The Beatles. Liam‘s track is really good too… I wouldn’t be surprised if it ended up being a single.”