Liam Gallagher's got ten songs ready to go, and says they're "as good as John Lennon's" or "anything Radiohead are doing"...

LIAM GALLAGER has collaborated with ex-SMITHS guitarist JOHNNY MARR on a batch of new OASIS songs, which he describes as “better than anything on fucking ‘REVOLVER’.”

Speaking in an interview with UK magazine Mojo, Gallagher said he has written a number of songs “as good as John Lennon’s” for consideration on the next Oasis album. He said: “I just wanted to put them down – just to get them out. I went in the studio the other week with Johnny Marr, and Noel came down one day and played drums. We just fucked about and I just said ‘This is how I think we should record these days. Do it in a fucking week, instead of spending a month in the pub and a month arguing’. Everyone was like, ‘Yeah, right, you wouldn’t be able to do that’. So I done it. Ten songs in a week, all done, mixed, the fucking lot, all ready to go. And they’re just my songs and they’re fucking classics.

“They’re as good as John Lennon’s. The best I’ve done ever. Andy Bell’s playing drums, Gem’s on bass, Johnny Marr’s playing guitar and it’s really good. We’ll just keep writing and writing until we’re ready to record. We don’t know when we’re going to put another album out, but we’re gonna keep writing – there are four songwriters in Oasis now instead of one, all of them are good?”

Gallagher said the track ‘Song Bird’, “is better than anything on fucking ‘Revolver'”. However, unlike his last offering, ‘Little James’ on ‘Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants’, “they’re not pop music”. He continued: “There’s probably one pop song – just two chords all the way through, the melody’s great. The rest are proper dark, weird shit. People will probably hate them. But it’s better than anything Radiohead are doing.”

Noel said the songwriting process has become “difficult lately” for him, because “I don’t want to write songs about the break-up of my marriage.” He said: “Oasis don’t do angst, we’re more an anthemic, celebratory group. So I don’t know really what I want to write at the moment.”

Noel also revealed details of three songs – ‘Revival’, “which is a bit like ‘Louie Louie’ but a bit more Sex Pistols”, ‘Shout It Out Loud’, “which is your basic Neil Young meets Pink Floyd meets Oasis, a bit of an anthem, a bit of a flag-waver” and ‘She Is Love’, which is “a bit like The Monkees or The Byrds” .

Gallagher claimed the songs aren’t “blueprints for an album”, adding each member wanted Oasis to take a different direction. He said: “Liam wants to make ‘Double Fantasy’, Gem wants to make a T-Rex record and Andy’s into Buffalo Springfield…we really want to make a rock ‘n’ roll record and they’re not rock ‘n’ roll songs. So it’s a case of demoing as many songs as we can until somebody says ‘We’ve not had a record out for two years, let’s go and fucking do something’. Hopefully we’ll get to the point where we’ve got 15 ‘Search and Destroy”s!”

Oasis will play a series of live shows in South America in the New Year, including a slot at the Rock In Rio festival. It is also anticipated the band will also undertake a tour with the Black Crowes next year.