No comment from Creation on possible problems over songwriting credits...

Creation Records have not commented on the possible problems that Oasis could run into over the lyrics for their new single, ‘Go Let It Out’, before it has even been released.

The track, released on February 7, includes the lines: “Is it any wonder why princes and kings/Are clowns that caper in their sawdust rings?/And ordinary people that are like you and me/We’re the keepers of their destiny”.

It appears that relatively unknown songwriting duo Johnson & Llewellyn penned very similar words for old reggae band, Bobby & The Midnites, and their 1973 release ‘Book Of Rules’.


That song goes: “Isn’t it strange how princesses and kings/Can clown their capers in sawdust rings/Poor people like you and me will be builders for eternity”.

According to insiders, the sleevenotes to the song only mention Noel Gallagher as songwriter.

Creation confirmed that they were looking into the latest dispute, but declined to comment further.

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