Newspaper reports that Noel has taken his band away from Alan McGee's label...

Oasis have quit Creation Records according to a report in The Sun today. There was still no comment from the company this morning over the report that the band’s next album ‘Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants’ would come out on their own label.

The report states that Alan McGee hasn’t been told and that Noel wants to set up a label like The Beatles‘ imprint Apple because he was dissatisfied with the way that Creation handled the last album ‘Be Here Now’.

Further reports on this throughout the day.

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Will they prosper away from Creation, which nurtured the band? Is it a stab in the back for Alan McGee if it’s true? Did Creation screw up the band’s last album? Were Oasis always a Creation band or were Creation just the company that was lucky enough to sign them? Tell us what you think. Join in the discussion on our Oasis message board.