Noel Gallagher is stopped from joining Paul Weller onstage..

Noel Gallagherhas been stopped from performing with Paul Weller on the main stage of this year’s V2000 festival. Authorities pulled the plug on his performance, claiming he was overrunning with his set.

Gallagher was due to play with Weller on the final song of his performance on the Main Stage this evening (August 20) and had even joined Weller onstage, wearing his guitar, when the show was stopped.

Festival authorities pulled the plug on the show claiming if Weller played any more material Richard Ashcroft‘s headline performance could be threatenend.


Both Weller and Gallagher seemed perplexed by the events and Gallagher was heard to say: “What’s the fucking rush?” amid the confusion.

One disappointed eyewitness told nme.com: “We just couldn’t believe it. Noel got up on stage and it was amazing, but then this man with a black jacket came on the stage and was signalling ‘No more’. We feel cheated – it would have taken probably five minutes at most, but they seemed to think that it would mess up the scheduling. We think it is a disgrace.”

After approximately two minutes of confusion both Gallagher and Weller left the stage to heckling and booing – assumedly aimed at the decision to pull the show.

A press spokesperson for the festival refused to comment.

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