Ex-Hurricane # 1/Ride man passes on Gay Dad gig for Oasis bass slot...

Oasis have announced their full line-up and their new bass player is Andy Bell, ex-Ride guitarist, who until recently looked set to join Gay Dad.

The surprise announcement, just confirmed by Creation Records, comes a week after the first pictures of Oasis with new guitarist Gem, ex of Creation act Heavy Stereo was released.

Bell, also a Creation labelmate with Ride and then Hurricane # 1, was a guitarist but now takes over Guigsy‘s bass role. It is not yet known if Bell, an accomplished songwriter himself, will contribute anything other than his hired-hand musician’s skills to the band.

He has already started rehearsing with the band and will accompany them on their US Radio dates in December and their 2000 world tour which kicks off in Japan in February.

Andy said: “I’m very excited. When I got asked, it was not a difficult decision to make. Oasis have always been an inspiration. I’m looking forward to it.”

When asked how Gay Dad were likely to take it, a band spokesman said: “I’m sure they’ll take it like men.”