They fly out to escape the glare of publicity to record fourth album...

Oasis will record their new album in France in a bid to avoid a repeat of the media circus that surrounded the recording of 1997’s ‘Be Here Now’.

A spokesman for Oasis confirmed the move to France but denied that the band were to record at the same location in the South Of France where The Rolling Stones recorded parts of 1972’s ‘Exile On Main Street’.

Noel Gallagher was quoted last December as saying: “Hopefully the new producer will make it sound like it’s been recorded in 1999 and not 1969. Again it could go arse over tit and end up sounding like ‘Exile On Main Street’.”


The band planned to fly out yesterday (April 5) to begin recording with producer Mark ‘Spike’ Stent who’s worked with Madonna, U2 and most recently Mansun. Noel will co-produce. The band have hired a large chateau for recording purposes at an undisclosed location in France.

The recording of ‘Be Here Now’ in 1996 was beset by media harassment which led to the band fleeing Abbey Road Studios to Surrey’s Ridge Farm. And since the news broke last month that Oasis were rehearsing for the new record at a studio in south London, the band have rarely been out of the tabloid press.