Surprisingly, the double album contains only one Oasis tune...

ALAN MCGEE has defended his decision to include only one Oasis track on the forthcoming Creation Records greatest hits album due for release through Columbia on October 2.

The former label originator and figurehead told that the tracks chosen were his own “personal favourites”.

He explained: ”I think Creation defined an era for many people, and now that’s at an end I think the time is right for this compilation. These are my personal favourites and others will obviously have theirs, but I think they sum up pretty well what the spirit of Creation was all about from start to finish”.

The as yet untitled compilation sees ‘Wonderwall’ appear as the only Oasis track with Super Furry Animals also appearing just once.

Ironically, My Bloody Valentine, the band who almost bankrupted McGee and are alleged to have precipitated his breakdown during the epic sessions for their 1991 album ‘Loveless’, prove to have in fact been his favourite. Three of their tracks are included.

The tracklisting for the Creation compilation is as follows:

CD1: ‘Upside Down’ – The Jesus & Mary Chain, ‘Baby House’ – The Pastels, ‘Shine On’ – The House Of Love, ‘You Made Me Realise’ – My Bloody Valentine, ‘Slowdive’ – Slowdive, ‘Duel’ – Swervedriver, ‘Loaded’ – Primal Scream, ‘Lazarus’ – The Boo Radleys, ‘Don’t Slip Up’ – Meat Whiplash, ‘Drive Blind’ – Ride, ‘All The People I Like Are Those That Are Dead’ – Felt, ‘Up The Hill And Down The Slope’ – The Loft, ‘Cut Me Deep’ – Jasmine Minks, ‘Flying’ – The Telescopes, ‘Almost Prayed’ – Weather Prophets.

CD2: ‘Soon’ – My Bloody Valentine, ‘Cracking Up’ – The Jesus & Mary Chain, ‘Give Me Some Love’ – Love Corporation, ‘Drive Me Down’ – Velvet Crush, ‘Sunshine Smile’ – Adorable, ‘Rocks’ – Primal Scream, ‘Mellow Doubt’ – Teenage Fanclub, ‘The Man Don’t Give A Fuck’ – Super Furry Animals, ‘Serious Drugs’ – BMX Bandits, ‘Stay’ – Bernard Butler, ‘Step Into My World’ – Hurricane #1, ‘The Mill Hill Self-Hate Club’ – Edward Ball, ‘Sometimes’ – My Bloody Valentine, ‘Wonderwall’ – Oasis.