Now that they are on their own label, the star insists the band could "do a fucking quadruple album if we want"...

NOEL GALLAGHER has predicted that OASIS will have “another chaotic year” in 2001, and threatened that the band could “do a fucking quadruple album if we want” under the auspices of their own BIG BROTHER label.

Speaking to Loaded magazine backstage at the Rock In Rio festival, he said they are enjoying being their own bosses.

He said: “This time the album’s gonna be on Big Brother, our label, and it’s like we’re calling the shots and we can actually do like a fucking quadruple album if we want. It’s really good to be going in there and just thinking ‘We could put out two albums in a year if we wanted to’.”

Noel the band finish recording the follow-up to ‘Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants’ after their US shows with the Black Crowes later in the year.

He continued: “We’ve got 16 shows with the Black Crowes and then we’ve got some recording to do, and then put out a new record. Apart from that, with all the other fucking personal fucking shit that’s all gotta be dealt with, it’s going to be another chaotic year…but hopefully out of that will come a record.”

Elsewhere, he hinted Oasis will play two nights at the Radio City Music Hall in New York. He added: “…Last time we were there, there was loads of the fucking Mob turning up, because apparently they are big Oasis fans. So there’s this big block of seats, and it’s all guys with suits and sunglasses…I was looking out for Tony Soprano down the front!”

The new issue of Loaded is in shops throughout the UK now.