Noel and Liam went to extraordinary lengths to follow Manchester City's big game...

Oasis end the NORTH AMERICAN leg of their world tour in triumphant form tonight, thanks to the success of their beloved MANCHESTER CITY FOOTBALL CLUB.

The Gallagher brothers were “ecstatic” yesterday (May 7) after their team returned to top flight competition, the English Premier League, following several seasons in the lower divisions.

A spokesperson for the band, in Mexico City for tonight’s final gig at the aptly named Sports Palace, revealed that they went to extraordinary lengths to follow yesterday’s crunch match against local rivals Blackburn Rovers.

Noel listened to the whole game by a telephone that a friend held to a radio in England,” she said, “While Liam followed it by constant e-mails that his brother Paul sent.”

On hearing the result , a 4-1 win for City, Noel is said to have celebrated all night while Liam had a quiet night in.

A jubilant Noel said: “City are back. It’s about time. Premier League beats watching Macclesfield Town.”

Such is the Gallaghers‘ devotion that several years ago, when Manchester City were in the midst of financial problems, they reportedly offered to sponsor the team and have Oasis emblazoned on the strip.

Oasis will begin the European leg of their tour in Lisbon on May 17.

Meanwhile, the guitar used by Noel during the recording of ‘Be Here Now’ goes under the hammer next week with bidding expected to reach #8,000.

The black Gibson Flying ‘V’, which fans will remember Noel playing in the video for ‘D’You Know What I Mean’, will be auctioned through the [url=] website between May 18-25. Bidding will open at #100 but is expected to quickly rise. Noel has also thrown in the original guitar case complete with a letter of authenticity and a handwritten guarantee from his guitar technician.

Finally the spokesperson laughed off claims in today’s Daily Star newspaper in the UK that Oasis are set to play a tiny club, the Bar Noir in Philadelphia, once their scheduled dates and European festival appearances are at an end in September. The offer to play is said to have come after Liam Gallagher and Alan White dropped in for an impromptu poetry reading and claimed to really enjoy the atmosphere of the pub.

Said the spokesperson: “They’ve been playing in front of thousands night after night, so I suppose they might drop in somewhere and like the place and think it would be nice to play to a small crowd. But their schedule is choc-a-bloc. I really can’t see it happening.”