Full tracklisting, title plus third US radio gig for Detroit...

The new Oasis album will be called ‘Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants’ and the first track will be called ‘Fuckin’ In The Bushes’.

Creation Records confirmed that the album – out in February 2000 – will not be called ‘Where Did It All Go Wrong?’ as Noel originally told NME earlier this year, though that is the name of one of the tracks on the album.

The title is a quote from Sir Issac Newton referring to the progress of science through the efforts of the great minds who went before. It’s also the motto on the edge of the two pound coin!

‘Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants’ was recorded at Wheeler End, Olympic Studios, Supernova Heights, England, and Chateau De La Colle Noire, France.

The full tracklisting is: ‘Fuckin’ In The Bushes’ ‘Go Let It Out!’ ‘Who Feels Love?’ ‘Put Your Money Where Yer Mouth Is’ ‘Little James’ ‘Gas Panic!’ ‘Where Did It All Go Wrong?’ ‘Sunday Morning Call’ ‘I Can See A Liar’ ‘Roll It Over’

The band will also play a third US date in Detroit on December 5 along with Bush at the Christmas gig organised by alternative station CIMX.