The singer comes face to face with his hero John Lennon's widow at last...

LIAM GALLAGHER finally met Yoko Ono at OASIS’ NEW YORK RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL gig on Monday last (May 1) following several months of communication between him and the widow of JOHN LENNON.

Ono arrived midway through Travis’ supporting set with son Sean and remained backstage post-show, where she reportedly spent most time talking to Noel Gallagher‘s wife Meg Mathews.

Initial contact between Liam and the wife of the late Beatle was made several months ago on the birth of Gallagher‘s son and namesake of his hero Lennon. On the birth, Yoko sent a congratulatory note and some children’s clothes and toys.

Liam had apparently been too nervous to accept an invitation to meet her at the time, preferring to head out on a bender.

Also backstage were singer turned television presenter Lulu and actress Liv Tyler.