LIAM GALLAGHER appeared in court in Brisbane, Australia, earlier today facing a charge of assault occasioning bodily harm...

LIAM GALLAGHER (left in picture) appeared in court in Brisbane, Australia, earlier today (Australian time) after he was summonsed and charged with assault occasioning bodily harm, after an alleged head-butting on an Oasis fan in Brisbane on Thursday (March 4).

He was bailed for $(AUS)10,000 surety, and will have to appear back in court in Brisbane in June. He was not required to make a plea.

The alleged assault happened when Gallagher was approached outside the band’s luxury apartments at Quay West in Brisbane by 20-year-old British fan Benjamin Jones. It was claimed that the 25-year-old Oasis singer head-butted the fan after he had taken a photo. Jones received a broken nose and severe swelling after the incident. He was treated at hospital and later made an official complaint to police.


More than 50 photographers and journalists turned up at Gallagher’s appearance at the Brisbane Magsitrates’ Court, according to a story on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation website, and 20 extra policemen were called in for court security. ABC report onlookers jeering at Gallagher as the singer, dressed in a brown striped shirt, brown trousers and brown sneakers, made his way into court.

The prosecution sought a bail bond of $100,000 for Gallagher because they were worried the star would not return to the country for the June 9 hearing. But Gallagher’s lawyer, Kelly McGroarty, said the singer would have more to lose than most if he failed to show. He also asked the judge not to detain Gallagher, because of the upset it would cause to the 6,000 fans who had bought tickets to the band’s show the same night in Brisbane. He offered $12,000, but the amount was lowered to $10,000 at the judge’s discretion.

Oasis’ first tour to Australia has been dogged with controversy even before the band set foot in the country. Their flight from Hong Kong ended in a hot-tempered run-in with the Cathay Pacific airline, who said the band had abused staff and fellow passengers. Liam Gallagher was threatened with being handcuffed to his seat if he did not behave, and the airline has refused to carry the band again unless it has written promises the group will not cause any disturbances and act in “an adult manner”. Older brother Noel, asked in Australia if he could guarantee such a demand, replied: “I am not the rest of the band.”

Liam also had a public spat with a woman in a bar in Sydney, after he reached out to touch her as she walked past. He later came up to her and stuffed a dirty tissue down her top.

Oasis complete their Australian tour this week, then travel to New Zealand and on to South America before heading back to the UK in April.

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