The 'Paris punch-up' was made up to make his departure seem 'cool' and the 'battling Gallaghers' only put on their act for the press...

TONY McCARROLL has claimed that the ‘punch-up in Paris’ that resulted in his sacking from Oasis never happened.

The sacked Oasis drummer, who went to court against his former band last Tuesday seeking restitution for loss of earnings to the tune of a reputed #18 million, settled on the same day for a figure believed to be around ‘550,000.

He left the band in 1996 after allegedly being involved in a brawl with Liam Gallagher in Paris.


“It just never happened,” he told The Observer yesterday. “Liam and I would never hit each other. Noel is a different matter – he’d spin round and run if he saw me. I intimidated him.”

McCarroll claims that the ‘Paris punch-up’ was made-up to make his departure seem more dramatic and cool.

McCarroll, who is believed to be writing a book on Oasis, also alleges that much of the Oasis myth has been manufactured.

Noel and Liam have never really fought; they never hit each other,” he said. All the myth of the war between Liam and Noel, claims McCarroll, is made up to maintain their image as the most ‘mad for it’ band ever.

McCarroll also said that although he dislikes Noel – and the feeling is mutual – he has seen Liam since the sacking.

Does the myth make the band? Does it really matter if Noel and Liam don’t really fight with each other? Is this like finding out that Keith Richards is a teetotaler? Tell us what you think. Post a message on Angst!

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