Tony McCarroll is happy with Raika, even if he does wish he had a "big mansion"...

Former OASIS drummer TONY McCARROLL’s new band RAIKA played a secret gig last night (December 5) in MANCHESTER, only their second ever live appearance, NME.COM can reveal.

The four-piece band, with McCarroll on drums, played the Band On the Wall pub venue, as part of regular local band night ‘Showcase Well North Of London’. Tracks debuted within the eight-song set included ‘What’s New’ and ‘Work It Out’.

Formed six months ago, after McCarroll’s “three years of bullshit”, the band features two of McCarroll’s brothers, Adi on vocals and Ged on bass. The line-up is completed by Dan Greenwood on guitar. The band made their live debut last month at the Ashton Witchwood.


After the show, McCarroll told NME.COM that he was pleased with the show.

“This is what it’s all about. Stadium gigs and all that, you can keep them. This is it, it’s more intimate.”

The drummer, who was controversially sacked from Oasis before the release of second album ‘(What’s The Story) Morning Glory?’) also broke his silence over the group. On the subject of Bonehead and Guigsy’s departures, he told NME.COM: “It’s none of my business really, I suppose they had their reasons for leaving, it got to the point where I suppose it won’t get any bigger, and I don’t want to be like that when you can’t walk out your front door.”

Asked if he was over any bitterness, McCarroll joked “No, not at all, I mean there’s three of us now, so we’re gonna kick fuck out of them,” before reasoning that “I’m glad really. I wish I had a big mansion and all that but I’m glad I’m out of it. This now, what we are, it’s for us lot here.”

He also admitted that he had not believed Oasis would last long after his departure. “They’ve shocked me a few times to be honest. I thought ‘What’s The Story’ would be the end of it. But the two of them are gonna stick together, must be for the love of money now I suppose. I like ‘What’s The Story’ and a few tunes off the later albums, but only a few. They’re obviously gonna keep going like I say. It’s none of our business I suppose, maybe they can support us one day!”

Raika are planning to continue gigging locally, before looking for a record deal and starting work on their album, to be titled ‘Oliver’s Fever’. “We’re


hoping to record,” said McCarroll, “I’ve got quite a few contacts as you probably know.”

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