Oasis nearly didn't complete their flight from Hong Kong to Perth on Monday; the plane's captain and crew wanted to throw them off....

Oasis narrowly avoided the captain of the airliner on which they were passengers diverting his journey from Hong Kong to Perth on Monday – so he could throw the band off following their reportedly offensive behaviour.

The Australian Press Association reports today that the captain threatened Oasis’ 30-strong touring entourage that unless they moderated their behaviour and behaved themselves he would put down at the nearest runway and eject them from his plane. Oasis are commencing their Australian tour in Perth.

Cathay Pacific spokesman Ken Morton said today Oasis and their roadies abused cabin crew and passengers, lit up cigarettes on a non-smoking flight, used obscenities and behaved offensively on the seven-and-a-half-hour flight to Perth.


He said: “Some were apparently already drunk when they came aboard or under the influence of something. The captain has absolute discretion to do whatever he sees as necessary to ensure his passengers’ safety.”

He added the pilot had threatened to have Oasis met by police at Perth airport. Cathay Pacific will refuse to fly the band again without a guarantee of “adult behavior,” he added.