Drummer Alan White is struck by and object thrown from the crowd...

Oasis were forced to quit the stage early at yet another European festival last night (August 6), after drummer ALAN WHITE was hit by a rock thrown from the crowd.

According to reports from the Sudvest Festival, 180km south of Lisbon in Portugal, the band were pelted with bottles and rocks from a minority at the front of the 35,000-strong crowd, behaviour which a spokesperson for Oasis‘ management has condemned as “utterly deplorable” and “thuggish”.

The band were in the last half-hour of their set at the festival when it became apparent that they were in danger of being hit by missiles. Liam warned the audience to stop, and then walked off. An appeal from organisers to the audience to stop was ignored and in fact, according to one eyewitness, “prompted thefront rows to enthusiastically throw even more stuff at the stage”.


A spokesperson for the band’s management said: “This kind of behaviour is utterly deplorable. Had the rock hit Alan in the face he could have been very seriously hurt. It is regrettable that once again a small group of idiots have ruined a great night for the majority of fans.”

The statement also claimed that press reports after the Paleo Festival near Geneva last week – where the band had to leave the stage early after being pelted with bottles and cans – “criticised the band … instead of condemning the behaviour of these dangerous hooligans”, and had encouraged this latest display of “thuggish activity”.

The statement continued: “There can be no question that any musician, who is after all on stage to entertain people, should not be subject to this kind of physical attack. Do we have to wait until a musician is seriously hurt on stage before these attacks are condemned?”

One eyewitness report from the festival claims that the crowd had been chanting for Oasis to come on prior to them taking the stage. The set had continued until after ‘Gas Panic!’, Liam said: “We’re here to play fucking music. If you don’t fucking like it, we’ll go play somewhere else where people do,” and left the stage, followed by the rest of the band.

The band’s next live date is tomorrow (August 8) at Sziget Festival, Hungary.

As reported earlier today on nme.com, Oasis have also just added an extra European festival date to the closing leg of their world tour, at the Gijon Festival in Spain.