And Noel Gallagher reveals the real reason why he's desperate for the dates to end...

Oasis have added an additional festival date to their European tour, at GIJON FESTIVAL, SPAIN on August 23, two days before their headlining appearances at the CARLING WEEKEND FESTIVALS.

The band headline the Reading leg on Friday, August 25, and Leeds on Monday, August 28, with a headline slot at Glasgow Green sandwiched in between on the Saturday.

The full details for the final leg of their current world tour are: Hungary Sziget Fest (August 8) Denmark Skandenborg Festival (12) Spain Gijon Festival (23) Reading Festival (25) Glasgow Green (26) Leeds Festival (28)


Oasis have also just announced details of their back-catalogue singles release campaign through their own Big Brother label, set up after the announcement that Creation was being wound up.

The band’s 15 singles released since ‘Supersonic’ in 1994 will be re-released, with original artwork and new ‘RKID’ catalogue numbers, on August 14. They will be sold at special prices at selected shops for a limited period only. In the UK alone, they have sold 5.6 million singles to date, making them the biggest-selling British guitar band of the ’90s.

For more details on the releases, check the band’s official website, [url=]www.oasisinet.com.

Meanwhile, Noel Gallagher has revealed that he and little brother Liam‘s sibling rivalry may well be genetic. In a piece in The Observer newspaper yesterday, in which Noel speaks about his passion for football and in particular Manchester City, he says that he is only a fan of the team because of a family feud between his dad and his brothers! “The reason [I support Man City] is basically a family one – my dad hated his brothers. They were all Irish people who came over here and decided to support United. My dad chose City instead, just to piss them off. No other reason than that – Liam and I should by rights have been United fans,” he said.

In the interview, he also commented: “The thing that fucks me off about players now is that they come off the pitch and say ‘Well, we worked hard.’ Did you? Bricklayers work hard and they don’t get paid 50 grand a week. It’s no wonder that all these kids go round smashing up town centres when all the England players go on about is getting stuck in, standing your ground, working hard and being aggressive. Whereas the French players like ballet, man! Their supporters cause no trouble because the idols they look up to are artists.”

And he added that he is chuffed the end of the Oasis tour coincides with the kick-off of the Premier League footie season: “It’s great that City are back in the Premiership. There’s lots of games in London so I’ll go a lot, plus it’ll be the first time the end of an Oasis world tour has coincided with the start, rather than the end, of a season.”

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