Liam's songwriting debut for Oasis definitely definitely on next album...

Noel Gallagher has confirmed that the next Oasis album will have ten tracks, including ‘Little James’, the first song that Liam has written for the band.

Speaking to Radio 1 this week, he said: “It hasn’t got a title. It’s gonna be out in February next year. All I can tell you is that it’s got ten tracks and Liam‘s first attempt at writing a song’s on it, which is really good. There’s two shit ones on it, which I wrote, and the other seven are mega!”

That’s a turnaround on Phil Spector‘s famous description of albums as being “two hit singles and eight pieces of shit”.

This follows his revelations in The Sun yesterday that he regards ‘Be Here Now’ as a failure because the band were all “out of it” when it was recorded. Noel has always derided the album, claiming on an interview with Steve Lamacq two years ago that he was disappointed with the way that it turned out despite universally positive reviews at the time.

Another musician has turned down a job offer from the band. Andy Reid from Manchester band Plastic Gun Alliance was approached by the Oasis camp to replace Guigsy on bass. Reid finally decided to stay with his own band.

Meanwhile, Gem from Heavy Stereo is heavily tipped to have taken over the guitar role in the band with an announcement expected soon about a replacement bass player.