'Sunday Morning Call' to be next track released from 'Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants'...

Oasis will release the Noel Gallagher-sung ‘Sunday Morning Call’ as the third single from their new album ‘Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants’.

The band took time out from their US tour last week to film a video for the track which is slated for release in summer, probably before the Reading/Leeds Carling Weekend Festival.

The video was filmed in Vancouver in a disused psychiatric hospital and centres on a surreal experience taking place between two puffs on a cigarette. MTV reported that the video was “an allegory of individualism vs the establishment and plays homage to the themes of ‘One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest’“.


The promo was directed by Nick Egan who also directed the promo for ‘Go Let It Out’.

Oasis plan to release another [n]Noel sung song ‘Where Did It All Go Wrong?’ in the US as the follow-up to ‘Go Let It Out’, a song that during a recent show at Berkeley Community Theatre Noel Gallagher introduced as: “This is from our new album, which none of you c-ts bought.”

When the audience reacted with groans, Noel clarified: “I don’t mean you c-ts here – I just mean as a nation.”

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